This traditional technique is the largest craft being practiced today in terms of volume and number of artisans. Today all tie-dye is considered one. Traditionally however each community had its own designs and Khatries (traditional dyers) who would make odenies, sarees, chuneries and other garments for them. Each Khatri specialized in certain designs and fibers. Today only a few of the designs and techniques survive. The work done for the richer communities like Jains, Bhatia etc. have survived while the ones done for communities which have been impoverished with time like the Mutvas, Halaiputras, Bhanusali, Rabaries among others are no longer being made.

A large capacity of tie-dye artisans exist who can do average and above average quality work. However the capacity is very limited among the fine quality work artisans. The demand for higher quality tie-dye is huge and the Khatries are not able to supply the same. There is a massive need for training program for top quality bandhani so that more and more of these goods can be created. There is also the need to recreate the old tie dyes and display them so that they can be made and sold by the artisans before the techniques are completely lost. The work being done today is not comparable in quality to the finest pieces done earlier. Out of the huge design bank of traditional bandhanies that was present with the Khatries only some survive and these too have been simplified so that they can be sold commercially for a cheaper price. Many old complicated dyeing techniques like Kankar band, Kanda band etc. are extinct.
Traditionally many tie-dyes were done in vegetable colors. Today almost none of the pieces are dyed with vegetable dyes. A study of this also needs to be done for posterity and efforts to revive the technique of vegetable dye bandhani should take place. Some efforts by various agencies to teach vegetable dyeing have resulted in the Khatries being able to do simple coloring in natural dyes. However the complicated dyeing with multiple colors still needs to be revived.




Tie And Dye(Bandhani)
Tie and Dye, popularly known as Bandhani, is a famous traditional handwork of the Kutch district.
Wood Carving
Wood carving has an ancient tradition in India. Beautiful woodwork is done on the occasion of marriages etc.
Leather Work
The leather puppets of Andhra Pradesh trace their origins back to around 200 B.C. travelled the countryside.
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