Batiq Print
This craft is done in the region of Mandvi and Mundra talukas of Kutch. Batik work is done by applying a resist of wax with wooden blocks or by brush and dyeing of the fabric. The units are of good size and carry out their own marketing. However the designs being done are the same from many years. A massive dose of new designs need to be created. The issues of batik are similar to ajarakh block print and the inputs needs are also similar.

Tie And Dye(Bandhani)
Tie and Dye, popularly known as Bandhani, is a famous traditional handwork of the Kutch district.
Wood Carving
Wood carving has an ancient tradition in India. Beautiful woodwork is done on the occasion of marriages etc.
Leather Work
The leather puppets of Andhra Pradesh trace their origins back to around 200 B.C. travelled the countryside.
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