Mashroo is a fabric being woven in Kutch and Patan for many centuries. It is essentially a satin weave fabric using silk and cotton. Over the last couple of decades art silk replaced silk. This traditional weaving was almost extinct. It was being done in the area around Mandvi. The efforts of Hiralaxmi Memorail Craft Park have ensured that one artisan has restarted this work and has enough orders to continue production. We hope to stabilize this weaver and then encourage other weavers to do this work. Presently the craft needs only its samples to be kept in the resource center and ensure that the weaver gets orders on a regular basis so that other weavers are encouraged to join this trade. Based on the success of the one weaver a plan will be made for further expansion of the production.
Tie And Dye(Bandhani)
Tie and Dye, popularly known as Bandhani, is a famous traditional handwork of the Kutch district.
Wood Carving
Wood carving has an ancient tradition in India. Beautiful woodwork is done on the occasion of marriages etc.
Leather Work
The leather puppets of Andhra Pradesh trace their origins back to around 200 B.C. travelled the countryside.
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