Rogan Painting
The Rogan painting craft is more than 100 years old. Hand-pounded castor oil is turned into a paste by boiling, later coloured powder diluted in water is mixed with the castor oil. The paste of yellow, red, blue, green, black and orange are kept in earthen pots with water to stop the paste drying. An iron rod, flat at both ends, is used to paint half of the design with the support of lefthand fingers, from the bottom of the cloth then is impression is transferred on to the other half portion of the cloth. Cushion covers, bed spreads, petticoats, kurtas, curtains, table cloth, wall hangings are painted with this technique. generally geometrical motifs are preferred. sometimes floral motifs are also adopted. Only 3 craftsmen of Nirona village use this technique

Tie And Dye(Bandhani)
Tie and Dye, popularly known as Bandhani, is a famous traditional handwork of the Kutch district.
Wood Carving
Wood carving has an ancient tradition in India. Beautiful woodwork is done on the occasion of marriages etc.
Leather Work
The leather puppets of Andhra Pradesh trace their origins back to around 200 B.C. travelled the countryside.
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