11am – 7.30 pm from Tuesday to Sundays (Monday Closed)

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  • Bhuj, Kutch, Gujarat
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History Of Hiralaxmi Memorial Craft Park

Hiralaxmi Craft Park... A vision to preserve, restore and promote the arts of Kutch and making them accessible to masses. Hiralaxmi Craft Park is the brainchild of Mr. Chetan Shah, Managing Director of Ashapura Group. The seeds of this idea were sown when a delegation of rural artisans was invited to the Ashapura guesthouse to demonstrate their art and artifacts. During his discussions with the artisans, Mr. Shah realized that many of these treasured arts were on the verge of extinction. This was primarily due to lack of an organized forum to exhibit their artifacts and financial support. The need of a platform to encourage these artisans to maintain, develop and pass on their legacy was felt. Thus, the Hiralaxmi Craft Park was born. Hiralaxmi Craft Park complex is situated at Bhujodi village in Kutch and is spread over 10 acres of land. The park is accessible to the general public free of cost since its opening on December 18, 2005. Apart from a well established and organized forum to display and sell their wares, the artisans are provided with meals, boarding, lodging at free of cost and a daily stipend during their stay at craft park.
In order to provide exhibition and display opportunity to all art forms and artisans, a time table based on monthly rotation of artists has been worked out. The response from the artisans as well as the visitors has been overwhelming. The park receives on an average 4000 visitors every week. The Craft Park has already evolved into a learning center and a source of information for students, surveyors and NGOs. Recently an independent NGO named Ashapura Bahuvividha Trust conducted survey on the Arts of Kutch and commended the Hiralaxmi Craft Park for encouraging and sustaining this invaluable park of culture of Kutch.The students of NIFD have had a work here. The students of faculty of Social work are pleased to study field work with this park. In order to invite more footfalls at the park, there are electronic rides for children and a cafeteria. A beautiful Radha-Krishna temple and a lotus pond add to the ambience of the craft park.So all age group person can enjoy at this place.

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